Gives Facades a Fresh, New Appearance – Versatile, Durable and Sustainable.

Customise a building by renovating its facade. This simple concept is behind the Metamark REFACE range of high performance films. And property owners benefit in three ways. They save expensive repainting or remodelling, they can look forward to greater long-term value and their property improves in appearance.

Metamark REFACE gives buildings an attractive appearance and facades look like new again. WRAPT can refresh the shell of a building quickly, cost-effectively, cleanly and durably with the innovative, self-adhesive, multi-layer film.

The weathering resistant film covers metal facades or facade elements like a second skin and lets them radiate. And furthermore: Metamark REFACE also scores in terms of sustainability. Property owners can not only dispense with repeated expensive repainting but also no new metal facade panels need to be ordered or disposed of.


With Metamark REFACE.

Is a quick and easy application, simple cleaning and long life of importance to you? Then Metamark REFACE must be your first choice. The high-quality, multi-layer film is applied directly to cleaned facade panels. But if required, the facade elements can also be removed and the film applied while the panels are on the ground. Irrespective of which method you choose, with REFACE you can halve the costs of renovation because old panels need not be disposed of and no new panels are required. And as the basic structure of the building remains unaltered, the building doesn’t require conformance with the latest building regulations. And you will also like this: The building can continue to be used as normal and the business can operate as usual during the renovation. You don’t have to worry about drying times, odours or the masking of neighbouring surfaces. You will be satisfied with REFACE for a long time because the film is weathering-resistant for at least ten years. This increases the durability of facades and permanently reduces upkeep costs. This not just of benefit to the owner of the property but also to the environment.



A broad range of colours means that the appearance of a building can be completely changed. In addition, the plotter compatibility of Metamark REFACE generates endless design opportunities.


Simple cleaning and excellent
weathering resistance result in
consistently low maintenance costs.
Naturally, Metamark REFACE is free of solvents. And again: Because the facade panels can be reused, significantly fewer materials (metals) are used.


The film’s transparent acrylic protection layer and high-quality pigments give Metamark REFACE weathering resistance of at least ten years.

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